The Aid Sun Power (ASP) is a non-political, impartial, democratic and voluntary social service organization dedicated to alleviating poverty in Southern Part of Bangladesh. The main aim of the Aid Sun Power (ASP) is to support underprivileged people in the villages of Bangladesh to become independent through self-employment. For this purpose, the Aid Sun Power (ASP) grants poor people access to financial services, conceptual planning, training and advice.
The work of the Aid Sun Power (ASP) is based on the premise that the poor have skills, which remain unutilized or underutilized. The Aid Sun Power (ASP) is convinced that the answer to poverty lies within unleashing and financially supporting the energy and creativity in each human being. For this reason, the Aid Sun Power (ASP) grants poor people access to credits on reasonable terms and enables them to build on their existing skills and earn a better income in each cycle of loans.
In addition, the Aid Sun Power (ASP) operates a training centre, where underprivileged women and unemployed men are educated on several practical activities. These range from fish breeding, animal husbandry, market gardening and forestry over sanitation, prevention of diseases and efficiently saving acquired money. Furthermore, the Aid Sun Power (ASP) provides loans to talented young students that seek to pursue higher education and distributes different kinds of reading and writing materials. Apart from supporting people to become self employed, the Aid Sun Power (ASP) also helps people affected by flood, drought, cyclones and other natural disasters, by distributing drinking water, medicine, cloths and food.